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FableVision will donate a children's book
to the national literacy & mentoring nonprofit EVERYBODY WINS!,
to read & give to a child while supplies last.

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Published by Boston-area Candlewick Press,
Rose's Garden is dedicated to Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy.
The story celebrates the power of community, nature, beauty, and faith
— as well as Boston's new Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway urban park,
which now bears her name.

During his research to write & illustrate Rose's Garden,
Peter H. Reynolds had the good fortune of meeting Senator Ted Kennedy.
The Senator was a valued advocate and reader for EVERYBODY WINS!
the national literacy & mentoring nonprofit that brings volunteer mentors
into schools for weekly one-on-one reading experiences.

Peter Reynolds

* * * * *

"Peter H. Reynolds poignantly captures
my mother's enduring spirit in ROSE'S GARDEN.
May this powerful story and my mother's beautiful
greenway plant fresh seeds of hope and
service for generations to come."
—Senator Ted Kennedy


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