Kenneth is a little green mouse, with a taste for adventure and Swiss cheese. Help guide him along his own journey, and you might get a sampling of both!

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Kenneth's Tricky Voyage was created by FableVision; art by Peter H. Reynolds,
programming by FableVision intern Charlie Blumenthal and technical assistance by John Lechner.

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About the Programmer, Charlie Blumenthal

Charlie came to FableVision late in 1999, drawn to the studio. FableVision's mission struck a chord as he shared with Peter Reynolds that he wasn't quite sure where his journey was taking him in college. Peter asked Charlie what his stars were in his North Star constellation. Peter noticed that Charlie liked science, math, the ocean, and the theater. Peter helped him connect the dots. Learning to program might tap into all Charlie's interests.

Charlie interned at WGBH and studied Director proramming, then joined FableVision as an intern. "Kenneth's Tricky Voyage" is the delightful result of Charlie's collaboration with the FableVision Team. Charlie enjoys the many challenges and opportunities that new technology offers. Most importantly, Charlie is inspiration for those looking to discover their own path -- looking to navigate their true potential.

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