The Lonely Star Flower
by Patrick...Grade 3
A member of The North Star Navigators

Once upon a time there was a boy who was a good gardener. He bought a pack of seeds. The name of the flower seeds was "Star Seeds". He bought them because the price was cheap. When he got back home he planted the seeds so fast he thought he was having a storm in his chest. He watered the seeds and let the sun warm them. The next day, he went to check on the seeds. He checked to see if the soil was moist, and he watered them again.

Two days later, the first seed sprouted. It formed a small star inside its flower. Soon all his seeds had sprouted. Then the flowers without stars inside became jealous. They had not been lucky enough to form stars. The biggest flower began calling the star flower names and insulting him. The insults hurt the flower on the inside and soon he wished he was like all the other flowers. He did not want to be unique. But then, deep inside he knew he was special and that was good. He spoke what he was thinking. The other flowers listened. He told them, "We are different in some ways, that is not bad. Look at all the ways we are the same." They believed him and soon they too started to sprout stars.

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