The Making of the North Star
by Patrick...Grade 3
A member of The North Star Navigators

Years ago, there lived an orphan boy. His name was Polaris. Polaris was abandoned when he was a little boy. A greedy man took him in and Polaris had to work hard for a year. Then he was thrown out for no reason at all. He bought wood and food with the money he had saved up while working for the greedy man. After, he made a house with the wood and ate the food.
The next day, he asked for food. The person said no, so he had no food for a whole day. At night he went to the mountains and he prayed for food and then he began to sing to the stars. He had a beautiful voice and he began to sing louder, and louder until the village could hear and followed his voice. When they saw him they said "No that couldn't have been him." Then they left. But the stars didn't, they loved his voice and they knew it was him. Soon it was morning. He set out on his daily task finding food. A star disguised as a man gave him food and extra things like blankets, candles and tons of other things.

When nightfall came, he went back to the mountains and he sang again. Then the whole village came to hear the voice but Polaris hid behind a rock. They were carrying torches and an executioner was following them. Then he realized they wanted to kill him! The stars were thinking now because they loved his voice. Then a little star said "Why don't we send for him?" The stars quickly said yes. Then a star's voice said "If you want to come to the sky or not, please tell us. We will even make you a star". Then a voice interrupted his thoughts. "There he is!", shouted a village man. Polaris shouted, "Yes!" Polaris flew through the sky. The the stars yelled "Hooray!". He became the North Star and put his name as the name in memory of him.

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