The Star Clock
by Patrick...Grade 3
A member of The North Star Navigators

Once upon a time there was a boy who talked quite a lot. He talked almost all the time. He bragged about his intelligence and his agility. The children of the village hated being made fun of by him. He thought that he was a perfect child. He thought he could do anything because he could plant seeds in a garden, light a fire, carve a star with a knife and many other things. He thought life would be easy. Up in the sky was a god of talent and good will. He was tired of the boy comparing himself to children. He called the boy and gave him a task to stop comparing himself to children. He failed. The god was angry. The god thought for a moment. He called the boy and said, "Because you think you are so smart, then read this clock!" He pointed to a clock with stars. The boy could not read the clock. The boy was sent back to the ground. The god gave him the same task. He failed again. He was given the same punishment again. Then he was sent back to the ground because he didn't get it. The same task was given. He learned a valuable lesson. It was, never think you are the best at something.

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