Star King
by Patrick...Grade 3
A member of The North Star Navigators

Once upon a time, there was a powerful king named Arthur. He liked to gaze at the stars at night. He always went to the top of his land called Avalon. But one night an evil emperor, who was King Arthur's worst enemy, came to have his revenge after his last battle with King Arthur.

He didn't come with his army... he came with his magic. When he saw King Arthur staring at the stars, he called King Arthur over and said he wanted to make peace. He put his hand out to shake, then Arthur put out his hand to shake. They shook, but then the evil emperor used his magic on King Arthur and turned him into a star, and put him in a metal cage. Kind Arthur cried and wailed in the metal cage.

Back at the emperor's empire, there was a princess the emperor had kidnapped. Her name was Guinevere, and the emperor wanted to marry Guinevere the next day. That night Arthur's young wizard, Merlin, found Arthur by using his magic senses. He created the most powerful sword called Excalibur and plunged it into Arthur, but Arthur didn't die. He turned into himself again. Arthur asked why he didn't die. Merlin said that Excalibur only destroys evil, not good. Merlin disappeared. Arthur plunged Excalibur through the metal door. Merlin came into his mind. In his head Merlin said, "The evil emperor is at Avalon. Your men are waiting for you."

A horse appeared, sent by Merlin. Arthur flew through the night. He was there just in time! The war began! Merlin put a force shield around the people who were not in the war. There was clashing and clanging, howls and roars. King Arthur made it safely to the evil emperor and plunged Excalibur into the evil emperor, and the emperor was destroyed! Avalon was safe again! King Arthur and Princess Guinevere were married and they lived happily ever after.

Dedicated to Peter Reynolds for creating the picture.
To Navigator Sue Pandiani for showing me how to print the star
...and to my fellow Navigators!

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