Reach for the Stars
by Michael G.

In this picture there is a boy named John Williams. He is at the Boston Marathon on April 5, 2076. John wanted to win. He loved stars. He had an idea to win. His idea was to put an black stringed harness on his back. He attached a belt to the harness and put the stars on the belt. At the starting line he put the harness on. When the man shot the gun , John flew down the street. He ran so fast to get to the stars. He could not get them because they were attached to him. He came in first but he didn't get the stars. Then he fell and the belt broke. John Williams won a Mercedes Benz and $200,000. He reached his goals by reaching for the stars and by keeping his constellation in view.

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Reach for the Stars Copyright © 2002, Michael G. All rights reserved.
Copyright © 2002, FableVision. All rights reserved.