The Shamrock
by Lichele P.

One day Tom and his family moved to Ireland. Tom was very nervous since he didn't know anyone or anything about Ireland. He did know that shamrocks were very rare. As Tom was driving in the car he thought about his new school and all the new people that may be his friends. Tom finally unloaded his luggage and he told his parents he was tired and wanted to go to bed.

When Tom woke up the next morning he got ready for school. During class they were learning about shamrocks and why they are so important. They are a symbol for Ireland. Mrs. Cork said they were impossible to find. All Tom could think about was finding a shamrock. When school was over he ran home and told his mom and dad about what he learned in school.

The next morning Tom walked to school. He had to run through fields and woods to get to school. As Tom was walking through the fields he saw a little twig growing out of the ground. As he got closer he could not believe his eyes. It was a shamrock! He did not think you could ever find one. He picked it up and started to run to school. As he got into the school the first thing he did was to show his teacher. Mrs. Cork could not believe her eyes.

From that day on Tom was the most popular kid in the school and he was in every newspaper in Ireland.

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The Shamrock Copyright © 2002, Lichele P. All rights reserved.
Copyright © 2002, FableVision. All rights reserved.