The Sign
by Katie C.

It was the day before February 4, 2001. There was a boy named Fred and he was bored. Fred decided to go for a walk. He knew he would get hungry so he packed a lunch, map, phone, and a compass. Fred's mom took him to a trail called Stony Hill Woods and dropped Fred off. Fred got out of he car. He had been on the trail for at least an hour so Fred stopped and he ate lunch.

He was full after lunch, so he took a nap. Then, he woke up a hour later. It was hard to see because he had just woken up from his nap, so he squinted. He saw a pond in the distance. He looked at his map and the map did not have the pond on it. Fred squinted again and saw a sign. He ran as fast as he could go. When he got there the sign was facing up. It was a direction Fred did not understand. He called his mom on his phone. He asked his mom which way to go if the sign was facing up.

His mom said, "There was no such thing."

Fred said, "It was true that there was! a sign that faced up." His mom told him to come home or else Fred would be in trouble, big trouble. He did not want to come home at all. He had to go home or else he would be in trouble.

When he got back his mom was waiting for him. Fred told his mom, I am sad mom. Way didn't you let me find my way?"

"I thought you would get lost," said Mom.

"That's fine Mom." They hugged.

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The Sign Copyright © 2002, Katie C. All rights reserved.
Copyright © 2002, FableVision. All rights reserved.