The Tail or The Sign?
by Katharine Grace B.

Hi my name is Cruise. It was Monday in the park and my friend and I were going to the movies. My friend said, "I think we should go through the woods." I did not want to go through the woods. My friend said, "We will be late for the movie." (We are not aloud to see movies a lot) and we like movies a lot. We like candy a lot. Oh, did I say,"I like the candy a lot."

We went through the woods, but in the woods we found the tail of... wait a minute, I am getting ahead of myself. We went through the woods and we were talking about the movie and the candy. Then we saw a tail, or a sign, and we said to each other, "It is a tail."

"No," my friend said, "It is a sign."

"No, it is a tail."

"No," my friend said, "It is a sign." The sign or tail started to move. The two friends began to fight and fight. The two friends fought and fought until the movie was over.

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The Sign or The Tail? Copyright © 2002, Katharine Grace B. All rights reserved.
Copyright © 2002, FableVision. All rights reserved.