Follow the Constellation
by Gabriel C.

The boy might think to keep your "constellation in view" meant that you had to keep the constellation in front of your eye. I think that to keep your constellation in view might mean that you are keeping your goals in sight. Each star means a different goal or dream. The dream will always be there because the star will not move. In a way you can see that dream or goal every night, so you will never forget that dream or goal. There are billions of stars in the sky so you can make as many dreams or goals as you what. You can change your dreams whenever you what. Since they are always there you will be able to see them all your life during the night. You can put in a portfolio or in a book. You can see them. You can even have dream in constellation. You can make up your own constellations with all your dreams. A kid may put all of his dreams on the mobile and put it in his or her room. One of my dreams is to be a professional soccer player.

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Follow the Constellation Copyright © 2002, Gabriel C. All rights reserved.
Copyright © 2002, FableVision. All rights reserved.