The Star Flower
by Sofia S.

Once upon a time there was a boy that lived in a very old house. He had a sister called Josefina Raffo. He had one sister more. Her name was Pilar Raffo. The boy`s name was Tomas Raffo. One day Tomas went to his garden and he saw a star flower. He went to her sister Pilar and Tomas said, "Pili, Pili! Look at my poor plant. It has a star."

"A star?" said Pilar.

"Yes," said Tommy.

"Do you want to see how strange?" said Pili.

"I have seen that kind of plant," said Tomas.

"Oh! I know!" said Pili. "A star fell of the sky!"

Tomas said, "A star! How strange a star of the sky."

Then Josefina came and said, "You are funny because this is a toy." Tomas and Josefina laughed a lot. They had tears in their eyes. I cheated you but Tomas is right and Pilar went to her room and she took Josefina`s rabbit. When Josefina came and said, "Rabbit it is time for your dinner." And the rabbit wasn`t there. Josefina shouted, "Tomas! Pilar! Come here now!" They didn`t pay any attention to her and they went to play. They were not happy. They were very sad. Pilar went with Tomas to Josefina`s room and they gave her the rabbit. They said sorry to her. "I have to say sorry because I made you feel bad saying to you that there was a star flower." Later they went to Tomas` garden and there was a star flower, not a toy one, a real flower. Pilar, Tomas and Josefina watered the star flower. Tomas took it to the sun. Josefina gave her air and protection.

Mum came and said, "What are you hiding?"

Tomas said, "A plant, a plant but not a common plant. It is a star flower."

"How strange! OK Let`s go and have a special party for the star flower you found."

And they did.

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The Star Flower Copyright © 2002, Sofia S. All rights reserved.
Copyright © 2002, FableVision. All rights reserved.