The Boy and The Pond
by Sofi T.

Once upon a time there was one boy called Joe. Joe went for a walk. Then he went to the forest and he saw a pond. He threw a stone and the stone sank. The sun went down and Joe was getting lost. He was looking for a refuge and he saw a cat. The cat said, "You have to see the pond," but I already saw the pond.

Joe did not know what path to follow. The boy saw a house. The boy saw the pond too. The boy did not know where to go. He went to the pond. He heard a voice that said, "Joe." He wanted to go but was in the other side of the forest. He went around the trees. Joe saw his mother. Joe ran. He gave a big hug to his mother. The mother said, "Let's go home," and Joe said, "Yes."

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The Boy and The Pond Copyright © 2002, Sofi T. All rights reserved.
Copyright © 2002, FableVision. All rights reserved.