The Girl and the Boy
by Mercedes E.

Once upon a time there was a girl in her house. The girl was sleeping. In the window there was a boy flying and then the girl woke up. The boy said, "Come with me."

"Yes." said the girl. The boy and the girl were very happy.

"Thank you" said the girl, and the two went high and more. Very high it is facing it. They saw Venus, Mercury and all the planets and the stars.

"How nice they are," the girl said.

"We arrived," said the boy.

"Where?" said the boy.

"To my house," said the boy.

"Is this you house?"

"Yes," said the boy.

"How nice is your house," the girl said, "Why did you brought me here?"

"Because you are the chosen girl to go with me to the moon and you are going to stay with me."

The end

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