A Boy and a Bird
by Josefina M.

Once upon a time there was a little boy that was in the forest. The sun was going away. The night was coming near. The boy was very scared. He was very cold. He got a lot of leaves and he did a mountain of leaves and there he slept.

Then the sun started to go away and the boy woke up and started to walk. He got up and he started to walk. He was looking for a pond where to fish. All the path was wet and muddy. Then it started to rain. He went under a tree but the rain didn't stop. He was still very scared when it stopped raining, he saw a bird. It asked him if he was lost. The boy said "Now, I am looking for a pond. I want to fish". I will take you to the pond. So the boy flew on the bird and found the pond. The boy fished a lot and he ate the fish in the night.

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