The Prisoners Stars
by Jacinta M.

Once upon a time there were two girls. One was Viole Gosio and one Jaci Mayol. They lived in the forest. There lived a witch too. The witch was so terrible that she said "I am going to catch all the stars".

But Viole and Jaci were so brave. The girls walked in the forest. And there they saw a witch that was the witch bee witch. She made her magic spell. And she got all the stars in a cage. So the girls went in the house of the witch. The witch put the girls in a cage. But the fairy freed the girls. The girls free the stars, and they went home. And now in the night there is more light.

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The Prisoners Star Copyright © 2002, Jacinta M. All rights reserved.
Copyright © 2002, FableVision. All rights reserved.