Noah the No One
by Bobby D.

One day "Noah The No One" was walking down Rocky Road in search of food. "Noah The No One" was a dinosaur. When he saw a teleporter. When he pressed the button to go to 1 b.c. he flew into the teleporter. Then he flew into a telephone pole. Then he got up and walked towards a store. "Noah the No One" saw himself in the future.

He said "You are me in the future."

"How did you get here?"

"I got here by a teleporter I found in a cave. Do you have any food because I'm starving?"

"Come with me and I can get you everything you could imagine. We can talk about the teleporter more. So is the teleporter where you left it?"

"Yes indeed it is! Come with me and then I can leave too."

So the dinosaurs headed towards the teleporter. "Noah the No One" said, "So long future." "Noah the No One" headed back home. "Noah the No One" said, "That was fun! I have to see him again some day. It would be fun to see him some day.

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Noah the No One Copyright © 2002, Bobby D. All rights reserved.
Copyright © 2002, FableVision. All rights reserved.