In The Sky It Is Not So High
by Alexandra H.

Hi my name is Annie. One night I was outside lying on the grass counting the stars. A couple minutes later some dust fell on me and then I started to rise up. My dog Winny tried to grab me but I just kept on going. Winny barked for a minute but then he stopped. I was cold and hungry. Before I was too high up in the sky, I heard my name. My mom called, "It is time for bed." I was tryng to get back down, but I went up. I saw lots of stars. "That is cool," I said. It was hard to see because my hair was in the way but then I started to fall! I was going so fast, but then I slowed down and made a thump on the ground. My mom came rushing out. "There you are." We went into the house and I went upstairs and went to bed.

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In The Sky It Is Not So High Copyright © 2002, Alexandra H. All rights reserved.
Copyright © 2002, FableVision. All rights reserved.