Peter Reynolds has captured, in The North Star, the epitome of those basic emotions that we adults remember feeling as we stretched our souls to find our way, early in life. And, each page in this book brings back, afresh, the recollection that, although we may have felt like our trek in pursuit of our elusive future was never to be completed, the importance of our loved ones along the way, giving us guidance, meant more than we could possibly have imagined. Each time I read Peter's words, I refresh my zeal to be a "North Star" guide, realizing that I shall receive guidance, in return. This is a phenomenally important work that should be read by every child, regardless of our age!

-Larry S. Anderson, Ed.D.
Assoc. Prof., Dept. of Technology & Education
Founder, National Center for Technology Planning
Mississippi State University
Chair, Council for Education Technology, State of Mississippi