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The North Star is more than just a book —it's an educational philosophy about individual learning and creative thinking. This Web site celebrates the many and varied themes of The North Star and how they can inspire any learner, young or old.


The publishing world must think we're crazy, but we are very excited that our audience can enjoy free access to a special web version of our cornerstone story "The North Star" written and illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds.

Resulting from fifteen years of developing award-winning educational software for the classroom and visiting teachers and students across the country, The North Star is author and educator Peter Reynolds' seminal work. The fable, which helps children and adults chart meaningful life journeys, serves as the cornerstone of Peter's philosophy about creativity and life-long learning.

This fable helps "children of all ages" explore their true path on the journey of life.


Whether you are at home or in school, the information posted in the North Star Sharing Center by contributors of all walks of life are there to help inspire themes of personal navigation and exploration.

At the Sharing Center there are many ways you can express your own philosphies, dreams, ideas, goals and missions in your life's journey as you discover those of others.

Through our parent site, FableVision, you can get in touch with us or sign our guestbook!


The book is complimented by the free "North Star Personal Constellation Map Maker" software which helps young and old learners explore their own life's journey. In the the North Star philosophy, stars are used as metaphors for the things that inspire and influence us in life. This software allows you to "map" your experiences as a personal constellation, so you can see where you've been, and where you are going.

You will need the the Macromedia Shockwave plug-in to properly view the software on your browser. The browser iteslf should be version 3.0 or better of either Netscape or Internet Explorer.


On the bottom of almost all of the North Star Web site pages you will notice a twinkling yellow star that, when clicked on, will open up a separate window that contains a quote, sentence or paragraph regarding individual philosophies and refelections about life, education, etc.

We call them Cool Thoughts and every time you click on the star, a Cool Thought is randomly picked from our burgeoning collection and displayed for your perusement.


Don't forget! If you ever get lost in our site and don't know what to do next just look for the little, blue star at the top of each page. This will take you to the StarDex, an index/outline of this site. From there you're on your own to decide your path!


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