Tim Beckman:

A Journey with the Right Rhythm

Tim Beckman has been hearing things. Even as a youngster, Tim could hear music. Not coming from the radio, but inside himself.

Born in the sweeping landscape of Colorado, he grew up inspired by everything around him. Perhaps his soul mingled with the spirit of Katherine Lee Bates who, in 1893, journeyed by horse and carriage to the top of Pike's Peak in Colorado and was so inspired by the beauty she saw, that she wrote "America the Beautiful."

His own journey led him to University of Northern Colorado where he plunked and strummed and created and composed his way to his Bachelor of Music Education Degree.

"Music for me has never been a solo sport. I'm inspired by the people around me. Fellow musicians. The audience. Their energy is what drives me. "

He has shared his own energy as a member of the Concert Choir, Dixieland Jazz Band, and Jazz Lab Bands. Downbeat Magazine recognized Tim's musical performances of "Vocal Jazz 1", "Dash Four" and "Et Cetera," all which received National Honors.

"As I mentioned, I get my energy from the people around me. For me though, children are the source of the most pure, unbounding energy. They inspire me and in turn I try to inspire them. Inspire them to express who they are. That's the core of my mission. It's not to create proficient musicians, it's to help children to be brave about expressing who they are, to feel confident."

His mission to help children led him to earn his Masters Degree in Elementary School Administration from UNC. Tim has been inspiring children, and his educational colleagues, for eighteen years as a music teacher and school administrator. The last decade has been dedicated to a music specialist position at Christa McAuliffe Elementary School in Greeley, CO.

He also logged in nearly a decade as accompanist for the Greeley Children's Chorale, and serves on the music board and in the Chancel Choir at the First Congregational Church.

Tim's latest accomplishment was to compose a musical based on award-winning children's author, Peter Reynolds' inspirational book, The North Star. This spectacular ten song event was performed by 300 children to a sold out crowd. Peter flew in from Boston to attend and was amazed at what he saw. "I was overwhelmed by the production. Tim has an amazing gift. He took my story about a boy's journey in search of his own North Star and brought it to life with soul, humor, and great vision. Broadway, watch out."

Peter and Tim hope to collaborate on future musical theater projects. They both share a similar mission for helping children through the arts and technology.

Tim hopes that "The North Star Musical Journey" will be performed across the country. This seems quite certain as he has already had requests for the score from other educators.

While music is never far from his mind, Tim does enjoy doing other things - tennis, golf, and spending time with his family and friends among them. Tim and his wife, Diane, have two children, Lydia and Micah.

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