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If you have a connection to The North Star, no matter how big or small, we'd like to hear about it! Even if you only use the book to kick off the school year, drop us a line. Even if you read the book for personal inspiration, let us know. If you're doing a North Star inspired project, please tell us about it. Fill out the form below - whatever parts apply to YOUR North Star connection - send it in, and we'll add it to the North Star Happenings gallery - where it will inspire others!

1. Your Name:

2. Title/Occupation:

3. E-mail address:

4. May we post your e-mail address on The North Star website incase other visitors would like to write to you with questions about your North Star Happening?

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7. Organization:

8. State/Providence:

9. Country:

10. Name of your "North Star Happening" (your NS project, program, classroom, activity, event, initiative, etc.):

11. Name of "Happening" Organizers/Directors
(who spear-headed the project?):

12. How did you learn about The North Star?

13. How do you use The North Star in your school/organization, and/or how has The North Star touched your life personally?
(incorporate into #14 if you'd like)

14. Please describe your "North Star Happening":

15. How has your "North Star Happening" (your project, program, event, etc.) and The North Star had a positive impact on you, your students, school, and/or community?:

16. What future/long-range plans do you have for your
"North Star Happening" (if any, or if applicable)?:

17. Personal reflections about The North Star and your project:

Thank you very much!
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