Mrs. Flowers:

At the age of eight Maya Angelou retreated into a world of silence... the result of a traumatic experience that occurred while living with her mother for a short time in St. Louis. After returning to live with her grandmother in Stamps, a neighbor, Mrs. Flowers, befriended Maya. "I was liked, and what a difference it made. I was respected not as Mrs. Henderson's grandchild or Bailey's sister but for just being Marguerites Johnson..."

(p. 46)I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings, by Maya Angelou. Copyright 1969, by Maya Angelou.

"... she had given me her secret word which called forth a djinn* who was to server me all my life: books."

(p. 195) Ibid

*According to Webster's II, "djinn" is a variation of the word "jinn"... which means:

"A spirit with supernatural powers for good or evil in Moslem legend, capable of assuming human or animal form and enormous size."