North Star 


The North Star Crossword Puzzle
Created exclusively for the North Star Project
by Maribeth Bush, Founder of Can Do!

girl with maginfying glassHere's another minds-on North Star activity to help spark your problem solving skills and North Star spirit! 3 question marksYou can do this activity by yourself, or you can gather a group of friends, classmates, or even your family and try to solve this puzzle as a team.

Step 1

Read The North Star story

The North Star Crossword Puzzle

Step 2

Download a printable version of the North Star Crossword Puzzle by clicking on the small crossword puzzle on the right

Step 3

Print it

Step 4

Solve the North Star Crossword Puzzle by following the clues below!

Have fun!

(HINT: Many of the answers can be found throughout The North Star story!)


1. Our goals and aspirations; things we hope to do some day.
5. A type of map showing where stars are located; A sheet showing data on graphs and tables. OR, most classrooms have a very large tablet of paper called a "Flip ________"
8. A beam of sunshine or light.
9. School subject in which you draw, paint, and do a lot of creative things.
11. Past tense of "eat".
12. Bare strip of ground where we walk. The child in The North Star learned that we each walk on our very own one of these in life.
15. What you say to someone when you leave.
16. Opposite of "east" on a compass.
18. Opposite of "yes".
21. If you have a lot of courage, you are ___________.
23. Reynolds who wrote the book The North Star (his first name).
26. Another word for "Mother".
28. A mesh fabric made of threads or ropes woven and knotted together. A device for catching fish, or butterflies.
29. Abbreviation for "Iowa"
30. This feathered creature asked the child in The North Star where he wanted to be.
32. A constellation is an image in the sky made up of many _______.
33. The opposite of "Don't".
35. A type of small table with drawers where you sit and write (classrooms have a lot of them!).
38. "Liberty and Justice for _____"; Another word for everybody.
39. It's the invisible stuff we breathe, preferably fresh!
40. Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, ____
41. A desert that often has a top and bottom pastry crust, and fruit in the middle.
42. Abbreviation for "mister". 43. If you are a girl, you are a daughter. If you are a boy, you are a _____.
45. Abbreviation for "Road".
46. Right at this very moment.
48. The place in your school where you go to learn how to paint, draw, make things with clay, and many other creative things.
51. At the end of The North Star, the child learns that he is on his very own ___________.
53. Opposite of "Stop".
54. A story with a moral. The publisher of The North Star is "______Vision".
57. A very small fruit, for example, a "straw______", "blue_____", or "cran______".
60. A Native American from Alaska might live in a traditional type of home called an _______.
61. Another word meaning "utilizes".
63. The child in The North Star notices one of these floating through the air, and then floating on water. It came from a tree!
64. Abbreviation for "South West".
65. Abbreviation for "Best Teacher Ever"
66. Present tense of "was"; "My name _____ Sarah".


1. To create a picture using pencil on paper.
2. When you score something on a scale from 1-10; "On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you _____ it?"
3. For most people, these two organs, or parts of your body, allow you to see.
4. A chart showing where roads, hills, towns, and landmarks are located.
5. This animal kept telling the child in The North Star to hurry, or he'd fall behind.
6. In The North Star, the child helped this fuzzy little animal, even though the animal was on a different journey.
7. To make an attempt.
10. The number after nine.
13. An assistant, or helper. A person who is hired to assist a teacher in the classroom is called a "Teacher's ________".
14. When a friend is having a hard time doing something, you might ask if he needs any "______."
17. A hot beverage made by brewing special leaves in hot water. Many people drink this beverage with milk, some like it with lemon and sugar, and others like it with a little honey.
19. Opposite of "off".
20. If it seems like information or knowledge that everyone should already know by instinct, we say it's "common ______". Also, if someone has good humor abilities, and takes jokes well, we might say that person has a "good ______ of humor".
21. In The North Star, the child builds a very small one for his little furry friend, and then the child finds a larger one on the beach.
22. Abbreviation for "room".
24. Opposite of "begin"
25. Do, ___, Mi, Fa, So, La, Ti
26. The overall purpose for the work you do in life, or a quest. When astronauts go into outer space, they go on a space ______ .
27. What you do to put 2 and 2 together to get 4; Opposite of "subtract".
30. This is the organ in your body that controls everything you do. It is the organ you use when you think.
31. Short for "Island".
34. What you use to row a boat.
35. Abbreviation for "doctor".
36. A rough weather event when it's very rainy, windy, with thunder and lightening out.
37. When you are being very nice and caring to someone, you are being very _____.
42. This is what you look in to see yourself.
44. When a ship sets sail, it is going on a __________; Another word for "journey".
47. A musical wind instrument.
48. Abbreviation for "August"
49. Abbreviation for "Tennessee"
50. To fill again
51. Glass containers - they are what jelly comes in!
52. On horoscopes, it's the name of the lion.
55. When you tell everyone someone's secret.
56. A small, open room located above another room. Usually you need to use a ladder to reach this type of room. Barns often have this type of room as a storage area for hay.
57. Another word for "insect".
58. After the child in The North Star had the urge to stand and walk, a barking dog inspired him to learn how to do this.
59. Opposite of "No"
62. Abbreviation for "South West"

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